Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts?

People changes but memories remain the same. 

It all started from an unexpected text from you asking if I'm free to hang out during that particular afternoon. We meet up for the first time to catch up with each other over lunch after I was done with school. You were being nice, decided to pick me up and I ask myself "Why not?". Let's be honest...Being in love is the best thing could happen to anyone, especially unexpectedly. I keep reminding myself that "this is nothing big, is just a crush". I was just an ordinary college guy who have a hectic schedule that involves with non-stop assignment and doesn't pay attention to such things like "love or relationship".

But till I meet this special person... Everything changes. We give a shot, and built our relationship up together.Age doesn't clarify anything, so does our culture. You make the effort planning things out for our dates, You would bring me to anywhere just to discover something new. Even let me try out things like pawning and drive all the way from the north to east just to greet the animals in the shelter. Do you remember, you would tease me, and make me laughed over silly stuffs. Bring me out for dinner/supper, and take me out to midnight movies even though you find horror films pretty darn stupid. Getting worried and fetch me when I'm drunk with my friends.

You are the best thing that's ever happen to me, you make me believe that love existed. Even though good things have come to an end, I will braced myself for the goodbye. It was a lovely nine months journey. I will and always love you x

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