Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Three months of waking up early in the morning just to travel from the north to central, helping out with the creative team with their portfolio, sourcing out materials and doing digital wise works...My internship has officially ended. Working with the landscape industry as a designer was challenging beside the long hours I've worked for, I'm grateful with the experiences I had. Left about two weeks to school, pretty excited and gear up for it! Which means I will be expecting more stress, assignments and the final year project adding into my head. Just hope I'm on the right track and not give up!!

Yesterday, I went for a quick food hunting with a close friend of mine. Tried my very first rainbow cake at Ann Siang Hill ( I know which century am I living at right? ) If you guys are wondering where to get it, It's located here. Give a 3/5 rating, I just find it weird to have soo many flavours in a cake. Or perharps, I'm just a sincere chocolate lover. Wearing my All Over Reverse Print Shirt from ASOS with the Wine Joggers from the Native Youth. Major love for the joggers, intend to invest more on it since I find it comfortable to wear it!

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