Thursday, July 25, 2013


You know what upset me the most? My weight - being too underweight for a guy who stands 168cm in height ( FYI: I am too short for a twenty-one-year-old-guy ). I'm not too sure is it just me or perhaps my high metabolism is the main issue but believe me, I can get pretty paranoid looking at other guys who have a much better built than me. The fact that I'm in the midst of the fasting period, i can tell you that i'm losing TOO much weight. Finding my size in a certain shop can be a huge problem and I definitely sure that I'm not the only one who's facing this issue. Just hope that in two weeks time, I'll be in a strict diet that involves with a big calories intake and start doing some outdoor activities. Manage to grabbed coffee today with my friends after our two hours of sinful korean buffet, it was nice catching up with each other before i'm occupied with school. Wearing my Blue Jersey Long Sleeve Tee Shirt from Topman with White Basic Shorts from ASOS and pairing up with Tacco Blue Suede Shoes.

Falling in love with the white shorts that I recently bought it, it's a great investment since it matches almost every of my outfit in my wardrobe!


Max said...

You really don't appear short in photos!

Simple yet fresh look btw, I like your shorts :)

Anonymous said...

Too much coffee I guess? Eat more chocolate and go to the gym during your free time. Might help you gain some weight...hopefully. Goodluck trying! :)