Sunday, September 22, 2013



So ever since school have started, my time have been occupied with projects - presentation - making countless of mock ups which of course involves with more materials to explore. Feel extremely pleased after hearing good feedback from the lecturers (since they are a little harsh towards the 3rd year students),  Just a gentle reminder to myself  knowing what are my priorities are. Also recently, I've bought a white nike sneakers which is definitely a good bargain! Personally, some people don't fancy white shoes at all but I really find them attractive without paying much attention to it! Been always a lover when it comes to white colours.

Over the weekends, decided to swing by one of my favourite cafe located at Tanjong Pagar. And tried their amazing blueberry cheesecake! Hola! Definitely, A great way to kick off the new week once again.

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Farrell Gerard said...

Hey, that's cool Bro!
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Thankyou verymuch I appreciate it :)