Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Break!

(Photos from instagram: juwaidijumanto)

You know.. I've never felt soo alive after Tuesday which marks my three months summer break! Everything was going crazy in school, Yes I'm talking about submission and assessment period. From publication design to logo design to sewing and so on, I'm the kind of person who's 101 perfectionist. I think I have a major issue about this since I was a kid. You know what can be crazy when you're in the midst of this hectic period? When your macbook just have to die. Yes, my three year old year white macbook just have to pronounce dead ten days before my assessment. I can just stab myself with a kitchen knife and even have a selfish thought about giving up! But luckily my best friends were really kind! Both of them helped me a lot, really appreciate to have these kind of friends. As I'm getting older and wiser, I honestly think smaller group of friends are much easier to trust. Let's be honest, it does right? Well, I managed to survive with only two-three hours of sleep everyday during the week before assessment. And thank god everything went smoothly during assessment!

Visited the beach to called a celebration! Cafe hunting was probably one of the common things among me and my friends do. From sunny eggs to fresh baked waffles to brownies (the list can just go on and on), you know I can just go nuts for pastries and cakes too!! Well here's a couple of photos that what I've been wearing, and I'm kind of disappointed cancelling my trip to Bangkok and Hong Kong this holiday but to think about this summer internship I'm about to going to be a great experience. Oh yes! Not forgetting The XX will be performing few days before my senior year starts! Totes amaze!


Max said...

Glad I came across you and your blog, keep posting!

Juwaidi Jumanto said...

Thanks, a newbie to blogging :)