Saturday, March 2, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

( Flash back from what I've done soo far for the past few months )

After much consideration, I decided to start blogging back, there's ton of images/visuals I would love to share with everyone! Even though, I don't carry out my dslr everytime I'm out. I'll try to keep posting with what I have for now. Soo... 2013 has treating me well, with new environment I had worked with, new people I've met, managed to eat well too ...and of course second year of college have been great so far. Honestly, the motion in school pass really quickly. The fact that year two is coming to end makes me excited and nervous at the same time! No complaints tho! Am just grateful with god, the supporting parents I had and also my bestfriend!!

So Yeah..Cheers to a new month, a new fresh beginning to the blog! 

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