Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#1 ; Fashion Street Photography

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There's a lot of varieties in Photography but one thing for sure 'Fashion Street Photography' totally caught my attention. Even though I'm just an ameture photographer who's trying his best to be in the next level, I honestly think this is a good topic to elaborate about it.

From my point of view, Fashion street photography is raw. There are so many different fashion styles, cultures, and subcultures that it's hard for even the most devoted fashion freak to keep up. As far as I concerned, taking photographs is a mean of understanding. It may be the 'edits' but still the model must reflects his/her personality. I was inspired with these photographs and I will love to do "Fashion Street Photography". Expanding the Singapore fashion field would be great, the city might be a little small but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of Singaporeans who are fashionable enough. Don't you agree?

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Alex said...

i totally agreed with you, hope you will achieved your goals !