Sunday, December 5, 2010


Is funny because today I actually stepped into the nearest MPH bookstore during work, bought a book 'Charlie, St Cloud' to make myself occupied. Honestly, I just love reading. The specific details are written clearly, you just have to use your imagination and that's it you nailed it unlike the movies. Can you actually believed it, while waiting for fin to visit me at work. I actually wrote my '2011, new year resolutions' on a piece of white paper, with little drawings on it. I swear it looks like a 5 year old kid art piece, So yea this is the first post for December. Got carried away with life, How are your holidays doing so far?

If you guys are wondering, I've been good. School is officially over, I'm graduated. Just hoping for the best when it comes to the results which will be end of this month. Soo, two of my items have finally arrived in front of my doorstep. One of them is, a blue drape lightweight cardigan. A slightly thin material which is safe for such weathers like Singapore, it's not such a fuss because
you can actually match it with skinnies as well. A good buy for a new month..

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